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Best fat burning exercises for women

In this post, we are going to look at the best fat burning exercises for women.

Spot reduction is impossible, so you will be losing fat from head to toe and not in one area alone.

With this in mind, cardio routines that get your heart pumping in the aerobic fat burning zone are best. Since variety is the spice of life, we suggest you vary your routines so as not to get bored while training, and if you are new to exerciing, start with number one and work your way up to number 5, as they are increase in difficulty.

The calories are burned per hour figures are based on a 120-pound woman.

1: Walking

Walking is a great fat burning exercise for women, especially those who have not exercised much in the past, or have some sort of injury that has stopped them from doing higher intensity workouts.

Aim to go for a walk 3-4 times a week for an hour each time at least to start with. Keep your heart rate up by making the walk of a brisk pace, and if you feel good break into a light jog. TOP TIP: Take a dog with you as they will break up any monotony!

Calories burned per hour: 250

2: Cycling

Cycling is an especially good cardio exercise. Not only does it get the heart rate in the aerobic zone, but it is a very low impact exercise which is great for those of us who have ageing limbs or joints.
TOP TIP: Map out a route before you go and keep track of how long it takes you each time to complete. This is a great way of seeing your progress as you start knocking seconds and minutes off your time as the weeks pass by!

Calories burned per hour: 500

3: Jogging

Same as with walking, aim for 3-4 one-hour routines a week to start. It doesn’t really matter whether you jog outside or on a treadmill, although outside in the fresh air is our advice.
TOP TIP: Make sure you invest in a quality pair of jogging shoes to eliminate any stress on your feet!

Calories burned per hour: 440

4: Dancing / Zumba

Dancing is one of our favourite cardio routines. Not only does it get te heart pumping in the right zone, it is great fun too! There are plenty of places you can do it – Zumba classes seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment. It doesn’t cost too much, requires no equipment and is a fantastic place to meet new people too.
TOP TIP: If you can’t afford to join any dance classes, just search for a video on youtube, and do the exercise in the comfort of your own living room!

Calories burned per hour: ~400

5: H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)

H.I.I.T is without a doubt one of the best fat burning exercises for women there are. It is usually performed on gym equipment, although can be done outside. It is more difficult to do them outside properly though, as it is harder to track speed or intensity levels.

A Typical H.I.I.T schedule would be to walk for 60 seconds, then jog for 30, walk for 60, jog for 30 and keep alternating this way for 15 minutes.

After this, do some low-level cardio like light jogging or rowing for 15 minutes straight afterwards. The intense intervals are an excellent way of releasing fat from your fat cells and directly burning calories too. The lower intensity exercise afterwards, burns any of the fatty acids that were released in your bloodstream, before they get deposited back into your fat cells.

Combine this sort of routine with a diet like this regime and you will be dropping any unwanted fat in super-fast time!
TOP TIP: Any intense activity can be turned into a real fat-burning furnace, if you follow it up with some low-intensity straight afterwards. After a game of tennis, badminton or an aerobics routine, jog for 20 minutes as a “cool-down” immediately afterwards and burn those fatty acids!

Calories burned: Loads! And loads of fatty acids too!

Fat Burning Exercises for Women – Closing Thoughts

Although H.I.I.T can be a very demanding exercise, several recent studies are showing incredible results. One recent study in Australia noted that women who engaged in regular 20 minute H.I.I.T routines lost 6 TIMES the amount of fat other women did in a 40 minute cardio session!

As mentioned in the first paragraph, combining these exercises is a great way to avoid any boredom that might come from doing one routine over and again. Maybe cycle on Monday, go for a run on Tuesday and have an H.I.I.T session on Saturday and burn those calories from Friday night away!

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