Are there global warming solutions

Today Bloomberg reported that this Spring was the sunniest recorded in UK history, where such meteorological records started 124 years ago.

This should sound like good news, but it is terrible news indeed. It shows that global warming continues unabated on its path of destructing our ecosystem.

How can you contribute to a greener planet?

Most of us tend to wrongly believe that only governments and climate change organizations can do anything to bring down the effects of global warming.

But the truth is that each one of us can contribute individually to this and have a major role to play in global climate change. There are a lot of global warming solutions that you could undertake in your home and contribute your bit to save the planet.

Cutting down on heat-trapping emissions does not mean using less electricity or avoiding the comforts of the modern technology. It only means installing energy-efficient devices and using smart technology to reduce the effect of global warming.

Choosing the car you drive is one of the most important ways by which you can help bring down the climate change impact. It is best to buy a vehicle that offers maximum fuel economy which not only helps you cut down costs but also offers better gas mileage. Cars with hybrid engine technology is one of the best buys for this reason.

Another great one among global warming solutions is to switch to an electricity company which offers clean renewable energy. Most often the electric current we use come from highly polluting coal-fired plants which is the biggest source of heat trapping gas.

Whenever you buy appliances or gadgets, look out for the energy star label; these may cost a little higher at the time of purchase but can save you a lot of money in the long run. A lot of heat-trapping gases can be eliminated if you invest a little smart and wise in such appliances. If your family owns an extra freezer or refrigerator, then remember to unplug it at all times it is not in use.

Let’s all contribute

This can save a lot of energy and is one of the most practical global warming solutions for a household. Replacing your ordinary light bulbs with energy saving models are the best way by which you can cut down energy use and costs. These days, you can get compact fluorescent bulbs in all attractive shapes and sizes to suit your interior d├ęcor and these can greatly help to save energy.

Another sensible and practical way of contributing to climate change is by using wood and wood products which are obtained from supporting and sustainable forests. This helps to preserve the trees and also cause least disturbance to the carbon-storing soils.

Plant trees wherever you can; this single act by every individual can make such a huge impact on energy saving and climate change. You can also undertake this as a local project and gather people in your neighborhood for this.

Carpooling is another way by which you can save fuel. If you have more than one car in your household, use the less fuel efficient one only if there are a lot of passengers or you are going on a long trip. Or you can be kinder to the environment by taking the mass transit or public transport.

The right global warming solutions can create a huge impact on our climate and help keep our environment green.