Celebrities Who Mysteriously Disappeared

Being famous isn’t easy, and the pressures to please everyone and meet industry standards can get the better of anyone. It certainly isn’t a life for the faint-hearted, and though many embrace their new-found role in life, it almost becomes too much for others. With that in mind, here are fifteen celebrities who fell off the waggon, and were reported missing at one stage in their lives.

Nick Stahl

One of Hollywood’s most elusive characters, actor Nick Stahl once had a plethora of leading roles in Tinseltown.

However, Stahl’s career eventually took a nosedive, and nowadays the troubled actor is often talked about in regards to his various addictions. Unsurprisingly, his problems led to his disappearance in May 2012, when his then-wife filed a missing person report. A week later, the 25-year-old checked into a rehab clinic to aid his ongoing struggles.  


Known for his smash hit ‘Tipsy’, rapper J-Kwon’s career failed to propel itself any further, and like many artists, faded from the public eye. However, the Missouri native was back in the news in 2010 when his record label asked for any information leading to his whereabouts after he mysteriously vanished. Over a month later, having not caught wind of the news his disappearance generated, J-Kwon- real name, Jerrell Jones- popped up a month later. And four weeks later, his new album was released. Hmm…

Agatha Christie

Famed for her crime novels, and being the highest female selling author of all time, and second overall- only William Shakespeare has sold more books- world famous novelist Agatha Christie had a turbulent personal life- especially in the year 1926. First, her mother passed, and if that wasn’t enough misery, her husband then left her after revealing he was in a relationship with another woman. A distraught and emotionally vulnerable Christie was found days later in a hotel, hiding under the name of her husband’s mistress.

Margot Kidder

For any fans of the original Superman movies, Margot Kidder will need little introduction, Though, for those who were born post-1990, you’ll probably be unaware that Kidder played Lois Lane in the popular DC franchise. 

Though, nowadays, the Canadian actress is perhaps known more for her disappearance in 1996. In fact, the 67-year-old was missing for four days before being found in a friend’s back garden looking bruised and dishevelled. It would later surface that Kidder, who suffers from mental health issues, altered her appearance because of her belief that the CIA were attempting to assassinate her.

Kurt Cobain

Sadly, the Seattle hero is known as much for his tragic passing as he is for his music. The news brought shock to the millions of the band’s devoted fans and put Cobain in a list of other famed musicians who tragically departed at 27. However, the troubled frontman of Nirvana had a history of going missing, and just before his death, Cobain disappeared to avoid treatment for his addictions; leading his mother to file a missing person report. 

However, his wife at the time, Courtney Love, went one step further: hiring a private investigator to track the troubled singer down. He was soon found, disguised in giant sunglasses and a baggy overcoat in his hometown of Seattle. But shortly after, Cobain took his life.

Richard Stanley

South African director Richard Stanley’s disappearance is something you’d expect to see in front of the cameras, not behind them. Fired after only three days of filming for his refusal to appease New Line studio executives when filming the big budget flick ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’, Stanley opted against going home, and instead, unbeknown to the crew, decided to stay on the island.

Except, it wasn’t as simple as that. Rather, in fabled fashion, the erratic director returned to the set after being found living with a remote aboriginal tribe. Finally, if that wasn’t comical enough, the director still had the audacity to stay on the island to watch the filming finish…. disguised as an animal. Predictably, Stanley would never again direct another movie in Hollywood. 

Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson’s mother has had a whirlwind of emotions to contend with ever since her son, Michael achieved global fame. Always seen as one of the more responsible members of the family, it was a surprise to many when Katherine Jackson disappeared in 2012 after her nephew reported her missing.

Though after becoming aware of her ‘disappearance’, Jackson returned home, having told everyone she had only been resting in Arizona for a week at the request of her doctor.

Dison Dele

1997 NBA championship winner Bison Dele, known formerly as Brian Carson Williams, retired from the NBA at 30 years old, walking away from his $36m contract with the Detroit Pistons to sail the world. Dele, who dated Madonna at one stage, was thought to have fallen out of love with basketball, so purchased a catamaran to sail across the South Pacific Ocean with his girlfriend.

But things took a sinister twist when only Dele’s brother, Miles Dabord- who was believed to have joined them for part of the journey- returned. The FBI soon discovered that Miles had shot dead all crew members before throwing them overboard. And after having found bullet holes on board the vessel, Dabord, fearing immediate arrest, committed suicide.

Jason Mewes

The television actor and host of the radio show ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ had a history of substance abuse and even had an intervention programme set up for him.

But back in 2001, when Mewes was going through a rough period, the radio host failed to appear in court on heroin possession charges, which led to a two-year disappearance. In fact, it wasn’t until 2003 when he returned.

Sasha Mitchell

Facing charges of domestic abuse, the sitcom star went missing in the mid-90s. Best known for his role as Cody Lambert in Step by Step, Mitchell went on the run for before re-appearing, claiming his actions were only a result of protecting his four children. The request would eventually lead the actor to full custody.

James Allan

Part of the indie-rock band ‘Glasvegas’, the musician disappeared for days after first being feared missing when he didn’t turn up to the 2009 Mercury music awards in London.  Five days later, the musician contacted his representatives to let them know he was okay. However, after cancelling several tour dates with his band due to ‘exhaustion’, Allan later revealed it was due to an ‘overdose.’

Andrew Koenig

Koenig played a recurring role on the ABC Sitcom ‘Growing Pains’ for four seasons between 1985-1989. The show, which also starred a young Leonardo Di Caprio, propelled the actor into an array of roles during the 90s, including a turn in the show ’21 Jump Street.’ However, his father (Star Trek actor Walter Koenig) revealed his son was plagued with depression for much of his life.

And in 2010, it seemed Koenig had had enough when he was reported missing. Sadly, a group of friends later found his body hanging from a tree in downtown Vancouver.

Richey Edwards

The Manic Street Preachers guitarist was last spotted at the Embassy Hotel in London before vanishing on February 1st, 1995. But though presumed dead by his parents in November 2008, reported sightings of the rocker are common.

Casey Kasem 

The late DJ and voice-over artist was a favourite among American radio listeners when he presented in the top 40 show in the 1980s. 

However, when his illustrious career drew to a close, Kasem spent more time holidaying. But somewhat comically, the radio host forgot to inform his family, and it was only three days after the news broke that Kasem got in touch!

Sean Flynn

The actor and photojournalist for TIME magazine, along with his colleague Dana Stone were in Cambodia when they vanished in 1970. In fact, the two were missing for over a year before reports circulated that Khmer Rouge Guerrillas had likely killed them. Flynn’s remains remain undiscovered, but he was declared legally deceased by his mother, the actress Lili Damita, in 1984.