FIFA 21 Release Date Announced

FIFA 21 release date was finally announced as of October 9th, in 2 weeks. Soccer fans and gamers are all looking forward to get their hand on one of the favorite games in recent history.

FIFA 21 is a football simulation published by Electronic Arts. Like every year, the game promises technical improvements for ever more realism as well as ever more advanced animations and behaviors. Career and Ultimate Team modes also have new additions.

With the current pandemic and more and more people spending more time at home, gaming is on the rise. These days the realism from gaming devices like PlayStation is unmatched, which makes these games even more popular.

Pre-order the FIFA 21 Standard Edition

You can already pre-order the FIFA 21 Standard Edition (PS4, Xbox One and PC) and possibly enjoy the following digital bonuses, depending where you buy:

  • Up to 3 rare Gold packs, 1 per week for 3 weeks: $15 free (Unit value 500 Fifa pts i.e. $5), available in the player’s shop if he connects to the game within the week after activating the code (Monday to Sunday, lost if no connection: if you buy the game in the second week, you won’t get the first week’s pack)
  • Cover Star on loan for 5 FUT matches: The player who will be revealed on the cover will be available in the Collectibles of Fifa Ultimate Team mode after activation of the code
  • Player choice FUT Ambassador, choose 1 of 3 player items for 3 FUT matches: a player choice pack will be available in the items to collect in FIFA Ultimate Team mode after activation of the code
  • Special Edition FUT Jerseys and Stadium Items: these items will be available in the items to recover from FIFA Ultimate Team mode after activation of the code
  • FIFA 20 RETURNED $10: from July 1 to October 11 for any purchase of FIFA 21.
  • RIGHT TO THE NEW VERSION FOR ONE YEAR: PS4 => PS5 / Xbox One => Xbox Series X.

Review your PS4 gaming habits

Talking about PlayStation news, did you know there are tools that help you analyze your PlayStation habits?

Some sites that can help you keep track of everything you’ve done on your PS4 console in the past. These reviews show your most played games, preferred genre, trophies won, and more. Some sites can even break down how much time you spent with your best games and when you tend to play games during the week.

Sony offer their wrap-up program to that effect, but only at the beginning of each year. They also offer dynamic themes and avatars that reflect your favorite genres. The Wrap-up site by Sony is open to anyone with a PlayStation account until February 14. You must have played ten hours or more before December 10th for anything to show.

One of the reasons to review your ps4 activity is not just to check your performance, but also to see how much time you spend gaming.

Gaming is fun and entertaining and will help you evade reality for a while, but it should be done within reason, and one should not succumb to addiction, especially children less than 18.

Learn to balance your life with work and pleasure, and you will appreciate both more.

This being said, FIFA 21 is coming soon, so get ready for it!