How to constantly monitor internet speed

Sometimes, while browsing, we feel that we are not getting the usual internet speed that we are supposed to get. Then, usually, we go to by Ookla and test our net speed.

Though being a good solution, we cannot monitor our internet speed at instant by that way. If we were able to monitor our internet speed at all the times, that will be a perfect solution, will not it?

Let us reveal the good news.

Yes, we can monitor our instant net speeds throughout our whole time of web browsing, simply using any one of two software.
Which one to choose? Simply your decision. Both works fine.

So let’s jump into the tutorial.

Software 1: NetWorx

The first internet monitoring software which we are going to discuss about is NetWorx. Let’s see how to use it.

1) Go to the website of SoftPerfect and download NetWorx.

2) Install the software on your PC. After the installation is finish, launch it.

3) You will see the NetWorx configuration wizard. Just click Next and Next until finally the screen with Finish pops up.

4) When all this finishes, you will see a notification on the bottom right on the screen.

5) Now, you need to bring the meter on your taskbar. To do so, simply right click on an empty space of the taskbar. Select Toolbars, and from the options NetWorx Desk Band.

Don’t worry if you don’t see it just after the installation of NetWorx. Try a second time. If it does not appear, restart your PC. You will see the option after a restart.

You know, there is a technique of restarting your PC faster than ever before? Watch this tutorial.

6) At the right side of the taskbar, now you can see the NetWorx Desk Band.

7) Alright, now you are free to use NetWorx. At the following photo, you can see that it is showing the speed at which the YouTube video is being streamed.

Additional information:

i) You may not like the tiny graphs appearing on the right side of NetWorx and want it to be only numeric. Also, you may like to use the unit “bits per second” instead of the default “bytes per second”. All these are possible in NetWorx. Let us show you how.

1) Right click on the NetWorx Desk Band. You will see the following options to pop up. From these, select Settings.

2) When the settings appear, select Graph from the top. Then, from the bottom left, select Numeric from the Graph type, if you want to get rid from the graph. If you want to use “bits per second” unit, select Bits/s from Transfer rate unit from the bottom right. Finally, select Apply and then OK.

You can see the effect of both from the following screenshot.

ii) You can also see your usage status using NetWorx. Simply right click on the NetWorx Desk Band, and then select the option Usage Report. You will see the following reports to pop up.

Well, that’s all for NetWorx. Let’s move to the next software.

Software 2: NetSpeedMonitor

Now we are going to show about another internet monitoring software, NetSpeedMonitor. Let’s see how to use it.

1) Go to the website and download NetSpeedMonitor. If you use 64-bit version of Windows, install the x64 version of the software setup file. Otherwise, download the other file. Don’t know which version of Windows are you using? Watch this tutorial to find the information.

2) After the download is finished, install it. Then, right click on taskbar and go to the Toolbars. Select NetSpeedMonitor from the options. Similarly like NetWorx, you may not see the option at the first time. If that happens, try a second time. If that also does not work, restart your PC.

3) The following options will pop up. If you want to change anything, then change from the options, and then click on Save. 

4) Now you will now see the meter to appear at the right of the taskbar.

4) It is done. Now you can use NetSpeedMonitor. Vheck at the following screenshot that it is showing the streaming speed of a YouTube video.

Additional information:

i) If you notice, the default unit used by NetSpeedMonitor is “kilo-bits per second”. You can change it by following these steps.

1) Right click on NetSpeedMonitor and select Configuration.

2) The configuration options will pop up. From the Bitrate option, select any one which you want. For example, we chose kB/s, abbreviation for “kilo-bytes per second”.

You can see the changed unit from the following screenshot.

ii) Like NetWorx, you can also see your usage on NetSpeedMonitor, but it’s easier here. Simply place your cursor over the meter, and you will see your usage.

Also, if you want more details, right click on the meter, then select the option Data Traffic. Then, select Day or Month, and select the Unit. You will get the result.

Well, that’s it. From now on, use any of these two internet monitor software, and monitor your internet speed constantly.
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