Pool Resurfacing Epoxy Coatings

Are you looking for a swimming pool resurfacing epoxy?

Are you considering a DIY swimming pool resurfacing product?

There are many options to consider when selection any swimming pool resurfacing product especially a DIY pool resurfacing epoxy. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Does it have a warranty?
  • Are other pool owners using it successfully?
  • Is the DIY application a simple or complicated process?
  • How much does it cost vs how long will it last?
  • Will I get support during the installation?

Super Epoxy pool resurfacing epoxy system is a revolutionary DIY solution that combines two powerful chemicals to form a permanent bond to your old swimming pool interior. These chemicals form what is known as an “elastic membrane” inside the pool. This membrane is impervious to water on either side.

Such pool resurfacing epoxy also has a very aggressive 10 year warranty available for the DIY homeowner and has been in use as a DIY for a decade! This pool resurfacing epoxy has a longevity of 10-20 years! 
If your old pool in desperate need of a new finish? If so you actually have limited options. Your options for refinishing your swimming pool are:

  • Fiberglass Pool Coatings
  • New Plaster Pool Coatings
  • Pool Paints
  • Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Coating
  • Fiberglass Pool Coatings

Fiberglass is not a DIY Solution. It is actually very expensive and very difficult to install. It even has a shorter life than plaster pool refinishing systems.

Plaster Pool Refinishing

Original Plaster pool finishes have a life expectancy of 15-20 years, but a retrofit is only expected to last 6-8 years. Plaster pool resurfacing is expensive and never guaranteed.

Pool Paints

If you paint your pool you are crazy. You will need to paint your pool every 1-2 years and at the end of ten years you will have spent far too much money, time and effort. Pool paint is terrible.

Super Epoxy Pool Refinishing

Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Coating is not a paint. It is a revolutionary epoxy system that creates a unified membrane inside your old pool. This membrane seals out water and is guaranteed for 10 years to not blister, flake, chip or delaminate. Best of all, our swimming pool refinishing system is a DIY and comes with up to 10 year warranty when combined with our bond coat.

Introducing Super Epoxy Pool Coating

Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Coating is a revolutionary swimming pool restoration and resurfacing system for use by contractors and DIY homeowners. There are many other swimming pool resurfacing systems on the market today but none of them have the proven track record of Super Epoxy.

Throughout the history of pool restoration product’s usage we have encountered less than 1%  failures when installed as a DIY solution. We even have gone as far as offering the DIY homeowner a 10 year warranty when our pool restoration product is used in conjunction with a bond coat.
Plaster Pool Resurfacing is no easy task and no expensive proposition. Your swimming pool’s original marcite plaster coating was intended to last about 20 years. If you have a plaster pool resurfacing done it is only expected to last about 7-8 years.

This is very expensive considering the average plaster pool resurfacing job costs upwards of $8,000.00. If you are considering a plaster pool resurfacing, Super Epoxy is a revolutionary coating for plaster pools.

Such system will actually resurface your pool creating an impenetrable membrane that locks moisture into the pool where it belongs, with a warranty of 10 years and best of all our project is a DIY solution.

Reasons to Use Super Epoxy for Plaster Pool Restorations

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • DIY Soultion
  • Less Expensive than Marcite or Gunite

Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Refinishing is a long-lasting solution to concrete surface problems! It eliminates acid washing, painting and replastering for good. Super Epoxy by far outlives and outperforms all other swimming pool resurfacing methods including remarciting, vinyl lining, pool paint, and fiberglass.

Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Refinishing is an effective measure in combating cracks and pool leaks! Because the surface is a structurally strong, waterproof barrier, it prevents or covers unsightly surface cracks and reduces water loss through leaks. In turn, less chemicals and water need to be replaced.

Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Refinishing reduces chemical consumption! Please refer to the warranty for specific details. Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Refinishing Offers high resistance against algae and stains! Because the surface is smooth and non-porous there is nowhere for algae to grip or for stains to penetrate. The easy-to-clean surface virtually puts an end to wire-brushing and scrubbing.

Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Refinishing provides a non-abrasive surface! The smooth coating means fewer skinned elbows, scraped knees or snagged swimwear, so swimmers will love it.


Are you looking for a quality DIY Swimming Pool Epoxy? Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Coating is a revolutionary swimming pool epoxy that is easy to apply without the need for an expensive contractor. This epoxy pool coating has been in use for almost a decade and boasts a failure rate of less that 1%, with a very aggressive warranty for the homeowner that is one of the best in the industry.

This swimming pool epoxy system is also considered to be 100% green and Non-VOC. If you are looking for a DIY swimming pool resurfacing system, look no further than Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Coating.