Visual Impact for Women Review

The trouble with most work out programs available to women at the moment, is that they are primarily just scaled-down versions of exercise routines that men do.

The vast majority of women do not want a V-shaped torso though, neither would they like to bulk up their legs, arms and shoulders.

What they want most, is to lose size in their legs and thighs, have shapely shoulders and toned arms, to top off a slim, feminine physique that the Hollywood actresses seem to all have. Traditional gym routines just don’t give women that shape. They work the muscles too hard, and end up making women too bulky, turning them into “mini-men”.

Visual Impact for Women, looking from the outside-in at least, seems to have changed all that. Tapping into a huge market of women who want well-toned and small, compact muscles rather than the bulkier muscles they seem to get from their gym instructors, the program has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

However, just because a product has sold huge amounts and has a massive following, that does not necessarily mean it’s any good. So just how good is the Visual Impact for Women system? Let’s have an in-depth review and find out.

Visual Impact for Women Review

Visual Impact for Women is written by Rusty Moore. Rusty Moore is a name that may be familiar to many of you, because he is the owner of one of the biggest and most informative fitness and diet websites on the Internet – Ok, so that’s a good start, he obviously must know what he is talking about.

Back in 2009, Rusty released his highly acclaimed fitness e-book online called Visual Impact Muscle Building. Aimed at the male market, the e-book quickly became one of the hottest products available in the fitness genre. It was highly praised for the results that many of its readers saw.

Instead of the big, bulky bodybuilder type bodies that most gym routines resulted in, what they saw was well-defined muscle and a physique that would not look out-of-place on the cover of Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness magazines.

So his track record is very good. However he started getting complaints from female readers of his site that they didn’t have a program crafted specifically for them. They noted that while his advice was extremely beneficial for his male followers, his female readers ended up with muscles that were too big, and although they had well-defined muscle, they had gained it at the expense of some of their femininity.

So, Rusty heard them, got to work, and two years or so later Visual Impact for Women was born – which brings us to the program itself.

Visual Impact for Women Review – What You Get For Your Money

Upon purchasing through a secure payment processor with credit card or paypal, you can quickly download the Visual Impact system. It consists of the following:

The Visual Impact for Women manual – 89 pages. Fat-Torching Cardio manual – 19 pages. Detailed Exercise Demonstration manual – 229 pages. Printable Workout Charts Included in the price (it’s $47), is a lifetime of free upgrades, so every time a new version of the system is released, you will get it free of charge.

This is nice to know, nothing annoys me more than spending my hard-earned cash on a product, only to find out a month later it has been “improved” somehow and what I bought is now out of date.

It also comes with a no-questions asked, 60 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy, getting a refund is just one mouse-click away. We like this, we like this very much indeed – it means he obviously has a lot of faith in the product and that you can purchase in total confidence.

Visual Impact for Women Review – Inside The Front Cover

The main manual may be only 89 pages, but it sure is packed with a lot of information. Rusty goes into extreme detail not only which routines are good and bad, he explains why in a very scientific and straight forward way. The bulk of the workouts are targeted on resistance rather than reps or working muscles to fatigue.

This is what he considers to be key to gaining lean muscle rather than bulking up. There are different workouts with differing intensities to suit your own schedule, whether you workout 3, 4 or more times a week. Included is also a “dieting for an event” plan – an aggressive routine for losing 10-12 plans in 2 weeks in time for a wedding or beach holiday.

The diet he suggests focuses on a weekly calorie deficit, rather than daily calories. Although I don’t particularly like this method (or any diet where you have to count calories for that matter), at least this one looks at how much you eat in ratio to your weekly workout routine rather than telling you to eat x calories a day. Just like the workouts, the diet is totally flexible depending on your life schedule, and actively promotes the reader to think for themselves.

The Fat-Torching cardio manual is just what it says it is – a guide to burning the maximum amount of fat you can in 3 months. Now, although the title of this website is how to reduce fat fast, there is a limit to how far a person can push themselves – and this routine will absolutely push you to your limit and beyond.

To say it is brutal is an understatement – but on the plus side it is extremely effective. Not only that, but it is safe too, including all the health advice the reader needs to keep within their physical limits. Did I mention it was brutal though?

You also get a detailed exercise demonstration manual and printable workout charts in the package. These are extremely detailed and well illustrated, however, this is meant to be Visual Impact for Women right? Well the exercise demonstration book is the same add-on manual you get with the men’s version, which I consider a bit of a cheat. Nevertheless it is very detailed and easy to navigate to whichever routine you need to brush up on.

Visual Impact for Women Review – Benefits

You will get fast results!

The main benefit is how fast this workout and diet program gets results. If you are looking for something a system that you can visibly see working within a week, then this is without a doubt the system for you. Rusty Moore has totally hit the nail on the head as to what the majority of women want out of a fitness program and the figure they desire the most.


Rusty doesn’t tell you “do this on Monday, eat this on Tuesday” etc, he promotes that you adapt this system for yourself. He actively encourages you to become your own personal trainer, which we think is very refreshing. Even the diet plan is totally adaptable to whether you eat once, twice or six times a day, which we like very much. Each person is an individual, with different routines, schedules and lifestyles, and the Visual Impact for Women program caters for them all.


The lifetime of updates promise is wonderful. Knowing that when the system is updated or something is added (and it will be), and that you will get it for free is a very good concept. The workout demonstration manual, although it is written for men, is very in-depth and easy to navigate too.

Visual Impact for Women Review – Weaknesses

Won’t be for everyone

The Visual Impact for Women System will not appeal to all women. It may be very good at getting results, but it will take a lot of discipline to adhere to. While Rusty does explain his ethos very plainly, there is also a lot of science to wade through, so expect to have to read some of the chapters two or three times to understand it totally.

It’s tough!

Did I mention the 12 week cardio program was brutal? honestly, I have seen a lot of routines and this is one of the toughest. There are British commandos that would look at that 3 month plan and shudder. However, as I mentioned before, it is extremely powerful and will get amazing results in 12 weeks.

Did we mention it was brutal though?

Visual Impact for Women Review – Overall Thoughts

There has been a lot of hype about the Visual Impact for Women system, which is maybe why so many people look for an unbiased opinion, expecting someone to say they don’t think it’s any good. I have bad news for them though – in our opinion it is one of the best fitness and diet plans for women, if not the best, available to buy today.

The results you get from following this plan in your life will be astounding. Large, bulky muscles will be nowhere to be seen. What you end up with is just what it says the program provides you with – a slim, feminine physique and a smoking hot bod that the Hollywood A-Listers would be proud of.

This is a hit, as good as the system for men he brought out a few years ago.

Did I mention the 12-week cardio plan is brutal though?